The Relationship is in the Details

In a few weeks my wife and I expecting our first child. Lord willing, we’ll be having a baby girl about 14 months after we first got married. As we were reflecting on what has happened in the last year or so, my wife and I marveled at ‘how much better’ we know each other now. It feels like we must have been strangers when we married! Let alone when we got engaged. Or started dating.

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How the Good News Relates to Breaking News

Its hard to find news that isn’t new. Of course, you can be late to the party and hear second (or third) hand. But to find news that isn’t new? By definition, the news—in all its contemporary forms and features—declares something that has recently happened. Something new has occurred. Life used to exist in reality A, but now life exists in reality B. Rarely will you find a CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News article stating “Everything is the exact same”. And even when polls come out, describing today’s situation as the same as last year’s situation, that is still ‘new’ news. It is news that a certain occasion has persevered for another year.

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